Please note that due to the discontinuation of 32Bit support by PACE (iLok), we have had to act quickly to make sure we are keeping up with this major development. This has meant we can longer support 32Bit DAW hosts going forward. This will apply to any updates to current plugins and new product releases. Please find a run down below with all changes to Sonnox plugin versions going forward - 

  • Sonnox plugins will no longer provide compatibility with 32-bit DAW hosts - This started with our most recent releases of the following plugins in September/October 2020 - 
  1. Dynamic EQ
  2. Oxford Inflator
  3. Oxford Dynamics
  4. Oxford R3 EQ
  5. Toolbox VoxDoubler
  6. Oxford DrumGate

  • Sonnox plugins will no longer support Mac OSX 10.7 and below, meaning all users will need to be running OSX 10.8 or higher, to use the latest releases. 

  • Windows users will not be as affected straight away, and will be able to run in 32bit for the time being. However support will be discontinued for this within the coming year

If you are still running a 32bit DAW host and would like to continue to be able to use the latest Sonnox releases, along with any new Sonnox products, then an update to a 64bit DAW host required. 

If you are unsure if your DAW is 64bit compatible, please create a support ticket and we will get back to you as quickly as possible!