Are your licences transferrable?

Please note, as of June 9th, 2020, PACE have re-enabled rules that require an iLok account and licenses to be over 90 days old before such licenses can be transferred via the iLok system to another user. This has been re-introduced as part of their scheme to prevent fraudulent licence purchases made on stolen credit cards, to then be transferred on to users who cannot know they are purchasing fraudulently obtained licences.  

Sonnox licences can be sold and transferred to another iLok account as long as

  • They are full licences. NFR licences and plug-ins purchased with an Education discount are not transferrable.
  • Toolbox Licences are not transferrable.
  • All licences purchased with a bulk discount are transferred, at the same time, to the same iLok account.

If you're unsure whether or not your licence(s) are transferrable, please create a support ticket and we'll advise.

Licence transfer costs

For the seller charges a transfer fee of USD 25. If you are transferring two or more licences, at the same time, to the same account, they will cap this transfer fee at USD 50.

For the buyer

The buyer will need to re-register the plugin in their own name, which will allow the new owner to manage their licence and access to our support channel, should that be necessary in the future.