All Sonnox plug-ins require external authorisation for security during use. We use the iLok authorisation system to authenticate the software licences you purchase. To use any of our plug-ins, a free iLok account is required, and you will need to download the iLok License Manager application to activate your licence to a device.

As part of the iLok security system, most of our plug-ins require a physical iLok2 or iLok3 USB key. This dongle physically holds your licences and is essential to being able to use your plug-ins after you have purchased the licence. This includes permanent licences and demo/trial licences. 

The plug-ins can be installed on as many systems as you like, but can only be used on the system which the iLok USB key is connected to. The USB key must be plugged into your computer at all times while using your plug-ins!

The Toolbox range also uses the iLok Licence Manager, but doesn't require a physical iLok USB key for authorisation. For more information please read Can my iLok licenses be machine authorised?

If you want to run your Sonnox plug-ins on more than 1 system at the same time, you'll need to purchase additional licences and additional iLok keys.

Sonnox G5 plug-ins 32/64-bit (AU, VST, AAX Native/DSP) require a 2nd or 3rd Generation iLok (iLok2 or iLok3).