Once you've deposited your licence to your iLok account, you need to activate the licence from within the iLok Licence Manager application.

  • We recommend running the latest version of the iLok Licence Manager to ensure the activation experience is not disrupted by the behaviour of old iLok drivers. Please check this before proceeding any further in the 'About' section. 

Your new licences will be listed in bold under the Available tab. To activate them, you can:

  1. Drag the licence to the desired iLok device in the left panel, OR...
  2. Select the licence and click Show Details. On the right-hand side of the pull-up box, click on ✓ Activate, OR...
  3. Right-click on the licence and click Activate in the drop-down menu that appears.

  4. Please ensure you have a valid authorisation location for your licence. You will not be able to activate your new licence to an invalid location. For more information about authorisation locations please read Which locations can I use for my Sonnox licence?

    For specific instructions for authorising your plug-ins to the Cloud, please read this article.

Your licence is now activated! Once you've installed your plug-in you'll be ready to go.

Please bare in mind, if you have not used the iLok Cloud before, you will have to open it for the firs time before it becomes an available location. To do this, go to [File > Open Your Cloud Session] in the iLok Licence Manager.

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