The UAD Oxford EQ, Inflator, Envolution, Dynamic EQ, Limiter and SuprEsser DS are entirely separate products, offered by Universal Audio.

The UAD Oxford plug-ins are integrated into UA’s software distribution mechanism, since that is the only access to the software download and licensing systems for UAD-2 cards.

As a result of this, the plug-ins are exclusively distributed by Universal Audio. Support for the plug-ins is provided through UA’s comprehensive support department. The plug-ins are not available to demo, purchase or upgrade through the Sonnox webstore or through Sonnox dealers worldwide.

The two product lines are offered by two separate companies, and as such there is no mechanism for existing registered Sonnox customers to obtain the UAD Oxford plug-ins at a discount, or for Sonnox UAD customers to obtain additional, discounted licences for the regular Native, TDM or HDX Sonnox products.