After you've deposited your licence to your iLok account, you can download your installer from the Order Confirmation email we sent you when you purchased your plug-ins by clicking Download. Alternatively, you can download your installers anytime by logging in to your mySonnox portal.

mySonnox is authenticated using your unique iLok account details, so you don't need to remember a password - just use the validation code we email to you. When you're logged in, you can access your installers by navigating to the particular plug-in you wish to install and clicking on Download your installers for this plugin.

Once you've downloaded the installer for your selected plug-in and platform, you just need to run the package to complete the installation. You'll be asked to agree to the Licence Agreement, and in the installation options you'll be asked which format(s) you require. For more information about plug-in formats, please read this article.

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