Much of the process of purchasing, downloading and authorising your new Sonnox plug-ins requires an internet connection. However, many users prefer to run their DAW on a system that isn't connected to the internet - this guide will explain the process for installing our software on offline machines.

From a machine that is internet-enabled: 

  1. Download and install the iLok Licence Manager. Sign in to the application using your iLok account ID, and plug your iLok2 or iLok3 device into an available USB slot on the online computer. Licence Manager will recognise your iLok.
  2. Follow the Deposit your licence link from your mySonnox page, or from the confirmation email you would have received after purchasing your plug-in. This will attach your licences to your registered iLok account, and display your download options to get your new plug-in.
  3. Choose the operating system and format that matches with the offline computer you intend to install the plug-ins on (not the operating system you are using for the online process!).
  4. Save the install package to a USB flash drive, portable hard drive or other form of removable media.
  5. Return to iLok Licence Manager and you will now see your new plug-ins listed under the Available tab. Activate your new licence (for help with the activation process please read this article).

Now, return to your offline computer. Plug in your iLok and the storage device that's holding the installers for your plug-in. Install your plug-in as normal onto your studio computer, and it should be ready to use as long as the iLok is present. You don't need to install iLok Licence Manager on your offline machine.