We don't officially support WaveLab

As a result of performance issues beyond our control, we are unable to officially qualify Sonnox plug-ins for use in WaveLab.

If you use Sonnox plug-ins in WaveLab, you may notice

  • Duplicate keyboard events, which can result in an inability to start or stop playback.
  • Mouse clicks and drag actions affecting the wrong controls.

We will continue to work with Steinberg to resolve these issues and update you all here.


With the release of WaveLab 9.1.0, it would appear that the bugs listed above, and other known issues, are mostly resolved. We won't immediately be able to confirm that Sonnox plug-ins are fully compatible with WaveLab 9.1.0, but there has certainly been a massive improvement. Please click here to read the WaveLab 9.1.0 release notes.

If you haven't upgraded to WaveLab 9.1, we recommend upgrading and seeing if that improves the performance of your Sonnox plug-ins. If you are currently using WaveLab 9.1 and Oxford plug-ins, please submit a ticket letting us know of any problems or irregularities that you've encountered!