You might suddenly start seeing an "Authorisation Wire Exception" error message when using your plug-ins.


In our experience, the most common causes of this are

  • An under-powered USB port or hub, which isn't adequately powering the iLok device
  • A faulty iLok

How to fix it

  • Try un-plugging your iLok, then plugging it back in again. If the blue LED doesn't light up, the iLok is probably faulty. We recommend following the troubleshooting steps at
  • If the LED does light up, and the issue remains, try plugging the iLok into a different USB port.
  • If you're using a USB hub between your iLok and computer, try removing it and connecting your iLok directly to one of your computer's USB ports.

If nothing here seems to help, we recommend submitting an RMA at